Supplement your income by making money online

The majority of people have a smartphone or computer – Mr Financial bets you’re reading this article on your own device.

With your tech, there many ways that you can supplemental your income and some are quick return while others take longer to build up. You do not need any special skills (for example, you can be paid to watch videos) and you could earn over a £1,000 per year.

Supplement your income by making money online

Mr Financial has detailed some of these ways below so you can read and see which of them might be right for you. A quick word of advice – if you don’t want your email to be filled with spam, it’s worth setting up a dedicated email for your online money making. Often the registered address will be sold for marketing purposes…


In a nutshell, there are survey sites that ask you to complete short online tasks (fill in polls / watch videos) and pay you in virtual cash, which you are able to then exchange for actual currency – for example PayPal credits or gift cards to spend at Amazon.

These sites are funded by advertisers who market their wares and the site apportions a section of their payment.


If you have a good general knowledge and willing to give an opinion on everything from Brexit to broiling and from cats to curtains, it’s possible to earn hundreds of pounds without a special skill being required. Mostly, you’re required to fill in online surveys, but occasionally you could be asked to attend an in-person focus group.


Earn money (via Amazon vouchers for example) across many different apps for example spotting job adverts in shop windows (which are then listed on the Indeed website once verified), snapping displays in supermarkets, or spotting derelict properties and reporting them and potentially achieving 1% of purchase price of the property by a commercial development company.

Most of the task-orientated websites work on a first come first served basis and you have a set amount of time in which to complete the task. Some apps incentivise by paying in “points” as well as cash. The more points you have, the more tasks you can reserve at any given time.


You can get cash for smartphone photographs by selling photos stock photography websites (where publishers and designers buy photographs). A high-quality picture is required and it’s a bit of luck if your picture sells. So, Mr Financial recommends this one more as a bit of fun! Be aware there are restrictions on brandings / logos / people’s faces etc.


There are companies that list jobs and you work for between 10 and 20 hours per month. If you are not too tired in the evenings or weekend or have a bit of spare time – this is a great option. You can plug into teams and work at time suitable to you. Most have very short interview processes.


There are companies like AQA ('Any Question Answered') that occasionally recruit for researchers. People send texts to researchers to ask the answer to a random question. You, the researcher, will answer. You can usually choose the genres and the hours you work.


Some apps are looking for people to wrote content for adverts / websites and newsletters. These companies act as the middlemen / the agencies, if you like.

Payments are anything from £5 to £30 for articles and can be about absolutely anything. You’ve obviously got to have perfect grammar and a good writing style. It can take a while to be approved, but good work and supplemental income once you have. 

There are lots of other innovative and enterprising to make money online to supplement your income but hopefully these suggestions from Mr Financial will have whet your appetite. Happy earning!

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