Get a refund for your Work Uniform

If you’re wearing a work uniform, then you have a 65% chance of getting a tax refund. This will cover just about any type of Work Uniform in the UK. In fact, you might be eligible to reclaim tax for around 5 years of expenses. The great thing is that you can do this yourself, or you can hire someone to do that for you.

Get a refund for your work uniform

Am I eligible for a tax rebate?

One of the challenges that come with Work Uniform tax rebates is that you need to pass certain criteria. First, you need to wear a uniform that’s easily recognized and which has a logo on it. Some uniforms without logos might be accepted, but ideally it needs to have a logo on it.

Your employer should also require you to wear a Work Uniform. On top of that, in order to be eligible for the rebate, you need to acquire, repair and clean the uniform yourself. You can’t get a rebate if the employer washes the uniform or if he has facilities to help you complete this task. In addition, you can only get a rebate if you paid income tax for the year you want that claim. Armed forces are not eligible here for example, the same happens with most of the forces personnel. However, if you are self-employed, you should be able to get a rebate.

How much could I get?

The tax relief numbers will differ based on the industry. There’s a flat rate expense allowance of £60, so you can get £12. If you are a higher rate payer you can get £24. Most situations will require you to claim back for the past 4 years, so you would usually get £60 in total. After you register, you will notice that the tax code changes, and that means you will be taxed less.

Remember that if the employer pays for this expense, you are not allowed to claim the relief. Of course, some jobs will have different limits. In the case of specialist uniforms like ambulance staff, the maximum allowance is £185. If you are a high rate taxpayer, you can get up to £74 back. However, you can’t get more than the standard payment unless the uniform laundry bill is higher than average.

How do I claim the tax back?

The way you claim a tax allowance is via post or online. You will have to fill in the P87 form. This form requires you to add the employer address and name, your occupation, your personal details, and if you are claiming the flat-rate expenses or now.  You also need to state if you want to be paid via cheque or via your bank account. If you would like another company to apply for your claim, please visit the Uniform Benefits website. You simply enter a few details into their FREE no-obligation Uniform Benefits tax rebate estimator, and they give you an estimate of your refund based on real refunds they have obtained for taxpayers like you. The good thing is that it only takes 2 minutes!


As you can see, it’s possible to get a refund for the work uniform, but the amount you can get depends on the industry. Also, you can’t claim the initial cost of the clothes, only the money you spent on maintaining them. There are other fees you can claim too, like the specialist tools, professional fees and others. But ideally you want to start with the work uniform expenses and obtain a refund on those fees.

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