Our Top 7 Tips for Saving Money

In the dawn of a new year, many have a resolution to “save money”. Saving money ranks as a Top 5 goal for Brits in 2020. Sound familiar?

Our Top 7 Tips for Saving Money

Consequently, you have opted to dine out less and cook at home more. (Packaged ramen is extraordinarily budget friendly.) You have already sold everything except the kitchen sink on Gumtree. You have committed to patronizing the charity shop before a department store.

But you still want to save more. For this reason, we have complied a list of 7 ways to save money that you likely have not considered.

1. Visit Comparison Sites

Comparison shopping websites allow you to filter and compare products based on price, features, and reviews. These sites do not directly sell anything, but rather they compile product listings from many a variety retailers and service providers.


Comparison tables are updated daily on Which?. Besides comparing rates and prices, Which? allows users to rate providers and then calculates customer scores. Which? was founded in 1957 to improve the consumer experience.    


Founded in Berlin, idealo is Europe’s leading comparison-shopping site. idealo does not allow retailers to “purchase” top spots on their comparison list. Low price truly drives idealo’s comparisons. View idealo’s over 330 million offers on their website or app.


Similar to Google Shopping, Pricesearcher displays items for sale. The key difference is that Pricesearcher shows you everything available from larger retailers and small businesses alike. Retailers are unable to pay to appear in search results. In one simple search, you are able see the purchase price of your intended item at all able retailers.

2. Switch Utility Companies

Mobile phones, mortgages, and energy bills can be a drain on your monthly budget. Living without these items in not a feasible option, but cutting the cost is.

Evaluating the current cost of your monthly expenses and then price shopping for the best deal around can be time consuming. Saving money is important, but your time has value as well.

Uswitch makes it easy to compare your current costs against available deals. The best part…they will facilitate the tedious process of switching vendors.

Over 800,000 people use the Uswitch app to compare deals, make the switch, and receive reminders when it is time to comparison shop again.

In addition to saving you money, Uswitch offers valuable guides to help you evaluate what coverage and service you really need. Read the guides to determine if private medical insurance will benefit your family and learn how Brexit may impact roaming charges on your mobile phone.

Will changing suppliers really save money? Yes. In the second half of 2019, over 10% of Uswitch customers saved over £479 by changing gas and electricity suppliers.

If you own or operate a business, visit UswitchforBusiness.com to save money for your business as well.

3. Enroll in Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are designed by retailers to encourage you to frequent their establishment or use their services. A basic loyalty programs offer X discount after spending XX.  Benefits and reward schemes vary.

The best loyalty programs that you should join now.

Nectar Card

Originally the loyalty reward program of Sainsbury’s supermarket, Nectar has blossomed. Nectar is currently the largest loyalty scheme in the UK.

Earn 1 point per pound spent at Sainsbury’s, eBay, Oxfam, and Great Western Railway, along with other retailers and even a co-branded American Express card. Points can be redeemed at member locations or online at top retailers such as ASOS, Apple, Debenhams, and Virgin Media.

Boots Advantage Card

Stack up rewards points quickly with the Boots Advantage Card. This loyalty scheme earns 4 points for every pound you spend in-store or online. Simply sign-up and download the app to receive a bonus of 200 points.

Each point is worth one penny, meaning if you have 200 points, you have £2.00 in rewards. Reward points can only be redeemed in the store.  The downside is that you cannot use Boots Advantage Card points to reduce the amount due, rather you must have enough points to cover the entire purchase.

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco rewards accumulate similar to Nectar; receive one point for every £1 spent. Rewards collect at a lesser rate at Tesco Fuel stations; one point for every £2 spent.

Clubcard holders receive quarterly vouchers if at least 150 point have been accrued. Vouchers can be used in-store or online. Make your vouchers go further by using them for Clubcard Rewards and receive three times their face value on selected items.

Superdrug Beautycard

Not only does Superdrug offer one point for every £1 spent, card holders receive lower prices on selected items (eligible items vary from week-to-week). Beautycard holders are additionally eligible to receive exclusive discounts on “Treat Thursday”.

You can begin using points after accruing 100 points (the equivalent to £1). Unlike the Boots Advantage Card, Superdrug Beautycard allows you to pay with a combination of points and cash.

Benefit from the FREE Loyalli app by storing all of your loyalty cards in one location. Instead of keeping tracking of punch cards, vendors scan your app to “stamp” your purchase.

4. Utilize Money Saving Apps

The creation of smartphone has placed the power of the internet in the palm of your hand. Apps allow you to communicate with friends, check the weather, and oh yes, save money.

Download these money saving apps

CheckoutSmart: FREE on iPhone and Android

Earn cashback on items you were already planning to purchase at the supermarket. Review the app for eligible rewards, shop away, and upload a picture of your receipt. Cash rewards can be transferred to your bank or PayPal account.

WhatsApp: FREE on iPhone and Android

Connect with friends and family over all world for FREE via text, voice call, or video call. The app uses your phone’s Internet/wi-fi connection instead of voice minutes. Avoid those pesky international calling fees. This app is a must have for travel abroad.

ATM Locator: FREE on Android

If you are visiting an unfamiliar part of town or traveling the world, ATM Locator identities nearby cash machines. Even better, the app distinguishes which machines charge fees.

MyVoucherCodes: Free on iPhone

Partnering with over 3,000 retailers, locate voucher codes and deals. Search for your favourite store or restaurant and use map feature to find deals near you. Vouchers can be scanned or printed at home.

5. Use Discount Websites

Saving money doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Take advantage of discount websites to plan ahead for date night, holidays, and birthday outings. Save 70% on spa days,  25% on afternoon tea, or 40% at your favourite restaurant.


Available worldwide, Groupon is a great resource if you are looking for deals on your next holiday. Groupon allows you to purchase a discounted meal and make a reservation for dinner or tea at the same time. Booking a reservation when purchasing the Groupon prevents you from “forgetting” about the deal.


Unlike discount website that require you to purchase a deal, Vouchercodes provides vouchers and promo codes that are guaranteed to work. The company is part of American-based RetailMeNot that offers a similar service overseas.


Serving 52 cities in the UK and Ireland, Wowcher, a competitor of Groupon, focuses on experiences and products.

6. Negotiate Credit Card Rate

You are paying interest on your credit card if you are carrying over a monthly balance or only making the minimum payment. The average credit card rate is 19%. A large chunk of the payment is going towards interest and your balance is barely decreasing. Use the Uswitch Credit Card Calculator to see how much interest accrues on your credit card.

If you are paying a high interest rate, contact the credit card issuer listed on the back your card. You have the right to request and negotiate a lower rate. Credit cards companies are more receptive to these requests if you have been making payments on time.

Another option is to transfer your credit card balance to a card offering an introductory 0% APR.

The key is to reduce the balance as quickly at the lowest interest rate possible. When in “saving mode”, resist making impulse purchases.

7. Shop Amazon’s Secret Warehouse

If you are an Amazon Prime addict (no judgement, this is safe space), switch over to Amazon Warehouse Deals. Your favourite products or wish list items are available at discounted prices.

Amazon Warehouse Deals are comprised of products that have been returned or refurbished, were damaged in the warehouse, or were used but are still in good condition. Some products may be in “new” condition with an open box.

Standard shipping rates, including Free Super Save Delivery, apply.

Products are not certified or warranty-eligible from the original manufacturer, but Amazon will accept returns (review their policy) if you aren’t satisfied.

Inventory is unpredictable and therefore when you find an item you want, add it to your cart and checkout.

Sample Savings

  • 25% off Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker
  • 25% off Stasher 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag
  • 30% off 6-QT Instant Pot
  • 35% off Fire 7 Tablet Case (Compatible with 9th Generation, 2019 Release)

When saving money feels too difficult, remember your “why”. Are you saving for your dream cottage? Paying off university debt? Planning for retirement?

Whatever your reason, know that is possible to save money.

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